Emma is a secure follow-up tool for patients in therapy. With Emma, therapists can offer additional therapy outside of face-to-face sessions. Give patients a chance to take their therapy to a next level.

Provide a safe journaling environment

Allow patients to have a secure, private way of writing down thoughts. The patient decides what is kept private and what is shared.

Guide your patients efficiently

Set helpful guidelines to help patients focus on what is important. Easily communicate tasks and homework through Emma.

Get more done. No increased workload

There is no added workload as the patient can highlight items that are discussed during consultations. No out of office work.

Make better use of contact hours

Quickly find out what to focus during consultations. Recurring thought patterns enhance insight into your patients.

Keep private notes per patient

Add private notes about your patient’s progress to improve treatment and remember vital information easily.

Have all messages in one place

Have all your patient’s messages in one place. Retrace conversations and communicate efficiently, no more cluttered email boxes.

Follow up on priority patients

Get notified by email or phone when patients need extra care. You set who needs a closer follow up.

Configure messaging to your needs

Have control over the length and amount of messages allowed by the patient. This way Emma provides flexible treatment styles.

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